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EasySchoolWeb® is a modern cloud platform for school, teachers, trainers, business leaders and their external organizations.
It offers all the useful collaborative tools to improve learning outcomes and develop teaching skills.

EasySchoolWeb® offers you the added value you lack in traditional learning:
create, share, collaborate and get quick feedback of lessons or tests.
A powerful and modular training medium with all the information and statistics shared with teachers.

EasySchoolWeb® is also a learning social network where teachers and students can communicate, collaborate and share resources.
Create the community of your school or area / district and bring them together in a single space. Administrator functions that help support teachers, transform visibility into engagement and improve teachers' professional skills with advanced updating tools.


•         Create School Structure
•         Historical Academic Years Structures
•         Create Classrooms / Groups / Subgroups
•         Create and put digital resources online
•         Create / share / modify / publish test
•         Create / Share / Edit / Publish Lessons
•         Create / Share / Edit / Publish Digital Content With Audio and Video Embed WEB pages
•         Use symbols for creating lessons / math tests.
•         Write summaries of lessons for students who have been absent or invite other students to write them for their classmates.
•         Get Advanced Statistics per Teacher / Subject and rate for the lessons
•         Get Advanced Statistics per Teacher/Subject/Question and rate for tests
•         Electronic register
•         Chat / messaging
•         Social network School
•         Video-Conference
  •      Desk Sharing

The work environment is safe as:
All class groups are controlled by the teacher,
Students can join the class only if they have the code that is provided to them by the teacher
Students can only communicate with the whole class or with the teacher Teachers can control the messages.

For Executives to find out how and where assistance is needed, and how to stimulate teachers to improve learning outcomes.
For teachers it is the easiest and safest way to connect and collaborate with students, parents and other teachers.
For students: a new way to learn and connect from school or from home with PC, Notebook, Tablet and Smart Phone, easy to use and quick to learn.
For parents it helps to keep up with their children's progress and to keep in touch with school.
Make better use of your user experience thanks to a secure, real-time interface that will allow you to evaluate your commitment and learning during use.
It stimulates class mastery with a training assessment tool, which will provide teachers with the opportunity to regularly assess student progress. With smart quizzes and real-time feedback aligned to the resume,
With EasySchoolWeb® get out of the constraints of traditional training and the technologies in use for training, filling the lack of skills and knowledge of the learner.
EasySchoolWEB® is an indispensable platform for multimedia content creators. The contents created by the teacher / trainer or students can be shared, distributed and therefore reviewed by the recipients.
EasySchoolWeb® is a safe environment in which you can create classrooms and class groups for your students. In this virtual classroom / group
The working environment is safe: All class groups are supervised by the teacher,
Students can enroll in the class only if they have the code given to them by the teacher.
Students can communicate only with the class or with the teacher. Teachers can check the messages.
Easy School is particularly easy to use!
Because it allows the creation of virtual classes, of which students are registered following the inclusion of a class code provided by the teacher, in which the teacher can disseminate different teaching materials. The dispensers can be shared with all pupils and each of them can decide whether to use them from the video or print them.

1. In addition to normal PCs or notebooks, pupils can also use EasySchoolWeb® from their smartphones or tablets, always with all available study materials.
2. Simple UpLoad mode and resource download. EasySchoolWeb® offers different options for uploading / downloading educational materials and classifying them in other environments, organizing them in folders.
3. Assignment of tasks to be performed. The platform allows you to include notes that require students to perform certain assignments / lessons by a certain date or free assignment. Each student, after completing the request, can upload, so that the teacher can then evaluate its relevance, correctness, etc. EasySchoolWeb® allows you to keep track of assessments and provide feedback to students.
4. Realization of quizzes. You can create quizzes of different types: multiple choice, correspondence, open answers, etc. The teacher can take the test in middle class at school, or assign it at home and provide each student with feedback.
5. Creating notes. Notes are particularly relevant messages that can be sent to students to highlight particular events. An example of using notes might create a reminder for written checks, the expiration of job requests, etc.
6. Creation of small groups. Within each group of classes created, EasySchoolWeb® allows you to create useful subgroups to document the work assigned to the class and to reach them together.
7. Management of folder materials. Each teacher can create their own virtual library where they can put their materials, divide them into subfolders to share with the classes and always have all the materials useful for their teaching activities.


Easy School SRL
Via C. Montante, 8
Zona Industriale San Cataldo Scalo
93017 San Cataldo (CL) - ITALY
Tel. +39 0934569288

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