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Mithos Group Italia has the pride to represent, the made in Italy on multimedia technology for the educational sector in the world. Our cutting-edge systems are now a point of reference in the sector.
Mithos Group Italia, develops and distributes innovative multimedia products and technologies that have always been considered the best in terms of reliability and quality, the result of almost thirty years of experience in the IT, electronics and software programming sector, especially in the field of advanced teaching and control computer scientist.
We have a network of about 600 qualified dealers in the national territory.
For nearly seven years, an international sales network has developed. To date, our products are distributed in 32 countries around the world.
The operational headquarters is located in a factory of about 1,500 square meters of covered surface and about 6,200 square meters of open surface.

Easy School SRL
Via C. Montante, 8
Zona Industriale San Cataldo Scalo
93017 San Cataldo (CL) - ITALY
Tel. +39 0934569288

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