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Module Exam EVO

Each teacher can create professional tests, with extreme simplicity. The creation of the test is in fact followed step-by-step with visual examples and suggestions that facilitate its creation.

Example of test creation and choice of question type:

The diffusion of the Multimedia Test, with an allotted time limit, with written contents, images, audio or video that contribute to the question, makes tests in the classroom stimulating.

The tests created may contain:

  • Multiple choice questions (A, B, C, D, E E F)
  • True / False questions
  • Question YES / NO
  • Understanding questions
  • Blank questions
  • Insertion of images of your choice
  • Ascending and descending order
  • Image background with choice of exact answers to be combined with the quandro indicated.

In addition, the questions can be enriched with multimedia content that the student can envy:
  • Images
  • Video clips
  • Audio
example of Graphic collection of answers with a complete report, also graphic, which can be spamped, archived, sent by e-mail and, if desired, also on the student monitor. Naturalmete it is possible to obtain the complete report with all the answers of all the students and for each student, with the percentage and the total score.
It is possible to have / create a personal archive of the tests created.
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