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To improve your technological skills, this ROBOT KIT is for you.

The purpose of this KIT, which includes an Arduino board and many other electronic modules, is to make you understand that computers and mobile devices are tools at your disposal to create and control the world around you and not just things you can buy.
This kit is the first step to materializing ideas and asserting talent in programming and robotics projects.

Why is it important to learn to program?
Programming is a process that allows you to think in an orderly and precise way. You have the objective of structuring in certain steps, certain functions and tasks that some technological devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones will perform.
Unlike other Robot KITS on the market, at the end of the assembly of our robot KIT and many other projects included in this KIT, it will not be enough just to assemble them to work, but it will also be necessary to learn to program them together with the teachers or self-taught with video tutorials or books ..

                                             CONTENT OF THE KIT

Scheda Arduino Leonardo + Prolunga cavo USB da   1 metro

4 servomotori a ingranaggi metallici.

Scheda  di commessione  Arduino sensor Shield v.5.0  

Sensore di distanza ad ultrasuoni .

Modulo bluetooth per Arduino

Sensore Digitale di temperatura e umidita’per Arduino

Modulo Display de 4 Cifre

Modulo Joystick.


Scheda SensoreTouch.

2 leds RGB

Connettore Batteria da 9V.


Set di viti, dadi e bulloni .

Cavo USB 30cm
Struttura in Legno con taglio laser delle parti del Robot da assemblare                                                 .

Valigetta in scatola di cartone strutturale.
Modello in carta per costume Robot

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